An Important Message Regarding Our Head Instructor

The Mrkulic Combat Sports Academy family was dealt a devastating blow yesterday when we learned of the untimely passing of our Professor and dear friend, Mike Mrkulic. The outpouring of sympathy, support, love and gratitude that was received on his behalf stands as a testament to the vast number of lives he touched. It is customary and appropriate at a time like this to take a moment and reflect on the ways in which a person's life affected those around them, but in Mike's case reflection feels almost unnecessary. Those of us who had the privilege of knowing him appreciated that fact each and every day, well aware of the great honor it was to have him as a part of our lives. He inspired us with his passion, his commitment, his generosity, and his joy – his joy perhaps most of all. Mike loved his life and the people he shared it with, and he demonstrated that love without a shred of self-consciousness. And in so doing he made us believe. Believe that our training mattered, that our small, incremental improvements mattered, that ultimately WE mattered because a person as extraordinary as Mike had invested in us. This was Mike's gift, and what he leaves behind. And the world is a better place for his having been here.

The Mrkulic Combat Sports Academy shall strive to carry on Mike's work in a manner that honors who he was as a teacher and as a person. Classes will continue as currently scheduled, and we will post updates on our Facebook page as we move forward, so please stay tuned. Our deepest thanks to all who have supported us through this incredibly difficult time.